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Diabetes controlled by tablets
Diabetes controlled by tablets alone and long travels

We assume that you are well acquainted with your tablets, and we will not discuss the different tablets used for control of diabetes. If in doubt, please consult your physician.

  • If you follow a particular diet you should try and adjust the meals during your travel to that plan. This may be difficult is an foregein country with a different cuisine. I you try and "translate" the food into fruit, sugar, fat and protein it is possible to estimate your intale and compare it to your diet at home.
    If possible, prepare a plan for your diet before leaving.
  • Try to be as physically active as back home.
  • If you forget a tablet, do not take double-dose next time.
  • It is difficult to give rigid rules about tablet regulated diabetes and long-haul flights, because it differs so much from person to person.
  • Be aware that the air in the cabin is very dry, and that you therefore need to drink more than usual (non-alcoholic).
    You will be sitting for many hours during your flight burning less sugar than usual. At the same time you will also be served more meals than you are used to. Talk to your doctor before leaving about how to control you diabetes during you travel.
  • If it is difficult to control your diabetes with tabelts alone, it is important that you discuss with your doctor how you regulate your diabtes during your travel before leaving. 

    Edited: 26 December 2008