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Diabetes and westwards travels
Insulin dosage travelling westwards (the day is prolonged)

Travels westwards (the day ir porlonged with more than 3 hours) 

For isntance travels from Europe to  the US or South America.
  • decrease the insulin dose on the day of departure with 10% to 20%.
  • If you usually take 1 daily insulin dose you willprobably need an extra dose in the evening of 1/3 of yoyr normal morning dose.
  • If you usually take a mixture of rapind and medium or long acting insulin in the morning, you will need an extra dose of 1/3 of the mornng mixture at the time of the evening meal at the time of the evening meal estimated according to the time at the place of departure.
  • If you take several doses daily, take the morning and midday dose as usual.
  • If you take the last dose at the time of the evening meal, postpone this dose by 3 hours and reduce the dose by 20%.
  • If you take the last daily dose when you go to bed (approximately 3 to 4 hours after the evening meal) take this dose at the usual time (time according to place of departure), but reduce the dose by 10%.

    Tal to your doctor before departing on how to administer extra, rapid acting insulin in connection with extra meals during the travel and how to dertermine the right dosis of insulin.

    Ýou can usually order meals for diabetics during the flight but you may need to contact the airline a few days before departure.

    Arring at your new destination take your insulin as you do at home using the local time.

    Edited: 26 December 2008