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Eastwards travels
Adjustment of insulin doses travelling East

Travelling Eastwards (the length of the day are reduced with 3 hours or more).
For instance travelling from the U.S. to Europe and from Europe to Asia: 

  • Reduce the dose at the day of travel with between 10% and 20%.
  • If you only take 1 daily dose reduce this by 10%.
  • If you take several injections daily, reduce the last dose with 20%.

    You should discuss your travel with your physician whether you need extra rapid acting insuling to be used in connection with meals during the travel and how you adjust the insulin dose - if necessary.

    You can ask the airline for a special meal for diabetics if you contact them a couple of days before departure.

    Arrived at your destination you start taking your usual insulin doses at the same time of the day as back home but following the local time.